Just A Little Bit Of Crafting

The past weekend was pretty busy with mainly RL stuff. It was the boyfriend’s birthday and another friend had a birthday as well. So it was a lot of socializing! Too bad I didn’t get too much game time, being the bonus XP weekend. But there will always be another time. And I still had an awesome weekend, so no complaints!

On the gaming front, all I managed was to level my woodworker from 35 to 37 (Yeah, all I need is another crafter… hehe)! I had to take advantage of the bonus XP even if it was only for a short time. So, there hasn’t been too much to report lately. And work has been keeping me busy as well. As for the Deep Forge ore farming, it is going slow and steady. Just need about 30 bricks of iron ore or so to get all the armor crafted. We only spend about 30 mins or so on this when we get together and kill trash for the ore and we are content with the slow pace. Of course, if you go through the whole zone a few times, it’s probably quicker to get all the needed ore.

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! I am ready for next weekend already 😉 . Safe travels all!


One Response to “Just A Little Bit Of Crafting”

  1. Yea I didnt get too much EQ double Xp game time in either, o well maybe nextime! Grats on the crafting levels!

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