Lots Of Deep Forge

Since I have been working on the HQ “A Thread Of Hope” with Rohawn, we have pretty much been living in Deep Forge! I think we are about halfway there with the required ore and I’m missing 3 recipes. Now poor Rohawn has suggested buying ore a couple of times, but since he we decided to do it the “honest” way, I absolutely refused and said that we are farming all the ore we need! He must hate me 😉 .

I discovered yesterday that the “magmatic crystal” needed to make the armor is harvestable inside the zone. The rest of the ore comes in treasure chests and I kept wondering where all the crystals were at. Silly me! I finally found the crystals on the rocks by swimming in the lava in the first big room.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, so looking forward to the long weekend! Safe travels all!


2 Responses to “Lots Of Deep Forge”

  1. I didn’t know about the crystals being harvestable in Deep Forge for ages… I did wonder why Kalyyn kept going for a swim… 😉

  2. I have yet to start that HQ on any of my toons. I have been procrastinating forevah! Robe is sexah tho, might have to get’r done tho! GL, hope ya had a happy and safe memorial weekend!

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