Instance Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s day! I got to watch the new Star Trek movie over the weekend and I think it’s awesome! 

Back to gaming, it has mainly been instance runs lately. I went to Deep Forge and Scion over the weekend and back to Deep Forge last night. It’s interesting how every time I go to Deep Forge (it has always been with different people), everyone has different strategies to kill the hammer guy! And this was the first time I had actually been to Scion – I’m way behind! It was a fun zone. I don’t group all that much, so there is a lot of content yet to be seen. Other than instances… the raid alliance was headed to VP on Saturday night to take down a couple of nameds and I was assigned to clicking a statue on the Druushk fight. Fun times!

I didn’t get to spend too much time on alts, but it was the Hot Zone weekend. So I took a lower level alt to Nek Forest for a couple of hours. I decided to work on some Bloodline Chronicles quests. These quests are great AA since there are quite a few named mobs in the instances, even for a level 80 mentored down. So if you haven’t done them, find someone to mentor 😉 .

Safe travels all!


2 Responses to “Instance Fun”

  1. O thats for the vampire LnL too isnt it? I’ll have to get started on it. Cast and I went to see Star Trek too…O.M.G that movie rawked!

    Are you outta your Vulcan mind?!?!?

  2. Caladwen Says:

    Yes, it is for the vampire L&L and also the vampire illusion!
    And yessss, totally awesome movie!!! 🙂

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