A Busy Weekend

It has been a busy but fun weekend both in the gaming world and in the real world. I did finally get to check out Free Realms! It’s very colorful and definitely “cute”. I like the idea of the mini-games, seems like something that I can wander about in when I’m taking a break from EQ2 🙂 . If anyone wants to find me on Free Realms, I go by Caladwen.

Friday night, I got together with some guildmates/alliance folks and we two-grouped Labs. Haven’t been there in a very long time! And we actually killed Vyemm and all the other mobs on the first try without dying (Can’t say that for the two wizards who came along though… heh).

After Labs, I ended up going to Chelsith with some other friends and completed the last quest given by the guy on the rocks outside, it is for the fabled charm item. Have been meaning to complete this for a while, so was glad to get it done! A few others needed updates in there as well, it was overall a fun run. For the first time, I saw quite a few ornate chests in there. This was quite surprising, usually all I see are treasured items in that zone! We had an awesome healer, maybe she brought us some good luck 😉 .

Safe travels all!


One Response to “A Busy Weekend”

  1. You would think with the complexity of the zone that it would drop more than treasured. We did it a few weeks back and actually kept track of what chests we got and we got one ornate off of Trash 😦 Consider yourself lucky lol!

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