Never Too Many crafters!

I enjoy adventuring in EQ2 of course but I certainly love my crafters as well! Let’s see… I have an 80 alchemist, 80 provisioner, 77 tailor, 77 sage and a few other lowbies. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to make my own items and also to help anyone I can, especially my friends.

When I logged on yesterday, one of my guildmates was in the latest crafting instance (Palace of the Ancient One tradeskill instance) and I have been wanting to check this out for a while now. Neither of us have been here before and she was just getting started, so I went to join her. I took my sage, who was 76 when we started and managed to get to 77! We enjoyed this instance, which is very different from the earlier 3 instances. You actually need to run around the zone and gather the items you need from dead raiders, dead horses (Hmm… too much carnage laying everywhere!) and bits of void goo that were actually running around the zone! Definitely got some good exercise today! But still no book II… That’s the only one I’m missing, hopefully I’ll get it by the time I’m 80.

Once the sage and tailor get to 80, I’ll have to start on the tradeskill epic quest. I love that earring! The alchemist and provisioner both have it and 45% run speed at all times (especially in dungeons or if no mount) is simply awesome πŸ™‚

Looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in Everfrost in the near future harvesting those rares needed to complete the tradeskill epic on 2 more crafters… πŸ˜‰


One Response to “Never Too Many crafters!”

  1. Ewwww tradeskilling haha! Not a big fan of it myself but heh Sinnir is a 75 carpenter. Instances are an avenue I have yet to explore, maybe someday πŸ™‚

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