Welcome To My Blog!

Greetings all! Welcome to my gaming blog! I mainly play EQ2 but I do venture into other games from time to time, but my first gaming love is currently EQ2 and has been for the past 2 years or so ;). So why did I start writing about my adventures now after over 2 years of playing the game… I feel like keeping track of my online adventures and despite having a level 80 paladin, there is a lot left to be done and seen. I have tons of lower level alts and crafters of course!

Never having played any MMO before EQ2, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I created a paladin. Ahem… let’s just say I was being a copy-cat and made a paladin just like my boyfriend, who actually got me playing EQ2. And now I play way more than he does… 😉

Hopefully this blog will serve as an online diary that I can go back, read and be amused by. In case you are wondering about the name of the blog – it happens to be related to one of my most amusing EQ2 incidents. Once upon a time, 2 paladins, a ranger and an inquisitor were working on the Journeyman’s Boots quest in Zek. The ranger was kind enough to help us with it (Woot for extra run speed and evac!), bless his dwarven heart! We were at the Deathfist Quarry part and instead of waiting for the elevator he just rushed in and of course… all of us just followed him and next thing you know splat… 4 bodies at the bottom of the quarry! The ranger was level 70 at that time and even he didn’t survive that fall! Good times! Makes me laugh every single time I think about that fun evening 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring to you all!


5 Responses to “Welcome To My Blog!”

  1. I’d just like to add (as being one of the two Paladins during the quest), that this Paladin knew where he was and stopped before the well, but couldn’t type fast enough to type a warning to the rest of the group. Next thing I know I see each group member one by one fall down the mine shaft and then all of the groups health bars went straight to zero. And since we were running out of time I had to push the elevator button so I could rez the healer (who then would rez the rest of the group) and low and behold a pile of corpses on the elevator platform. Couldn’t stop laughing for awhile on that one.

  2. Hahahaha Thats awesome! Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m looking foward to reading of your many ventures in the world of Norrath!

  3. Welcome! Look forward to reading more 🙂

  4. Caladwen Says:

    @ Amonost – There are two sides to every story 😉

    @ Sinnir and Castillion – Thanks! I love reading your blogs 🙂

  5. suzitastarshadow Says:

    hello – welcome to blogging 🙂 Looking forward to reading your about your adventures 🙂

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